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About CyclingBox

CyclingBox was launched in 2009 with one mission: to create the most fashionable urban cycling clothing and accessories affordable in the world. It would not be strange at all to wear our designs to enter the coffee bar. CyclingBox products use the quick dry fabrics and components with the same performance but not big brands. This could save a lot of cost but in no sacrifice of performance, comfort or style.

We sell cool designs cycling clothes and accessories online as well as custom cycling wear service for team and events. There are large range of fashionable casual cycling jerseys for you. Our goal is to give you the best value bike wear as a beginner.


You could choose full custom cycling clothing service or semi custom cycling jerseys. Fast lead time, easy to order and professional service.


There are four productions lines and dozens of experienced designers which could guarantee a lead time of 10-12 business working days.

Cycling Clubs

We would sponsor passionate cyclists with our latest jersey and shorts template. They could offer professional feedback for us to improve the construction.

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